• Reflecting on a difficult year

    Despite everything I preach, I remain my own worst enemy. I barely communicate and I struggle with consistency, even at the most basic of tasks, such as writing a blog post.

  • Migrating from Microsoft Teams to Discord

    Communication is a mess in almost any human setting. Trying to get everyone onto the same page is a feat not many people can manage. You end up with a scale of free for all to micromanaging, where the latter usually alienates people but, in my experience, sometimes yields the best results. Thousands, if not millions, of solutions, or at least attempted, solutions have tried to conquer the Discord (heh, get it?) between people at work, home or in any other setting.

  • Why .NET Core isn't LTS

    New languages and frameworks all seem to have one thing in common: the rate at which they try (or have) to innovate. Drop a framework, look away for a moment and you come back to a rewritten stack of entirely new concepts. The space between version one and version two is almost unpalatable.

  • Document your work early, often and securely

    If there’s one thing that I would yell at myself when first getting started with software development or, for that matter, any project in general, it would be to document early, often and securely. Here’s my story of creating a software company’s wiki, backed by Azure AD, with Git as storage.

  • Grafana reverse proxy in IIS with Azure AD

    It’s 2022, it’s been almost a year since the last (and first) post. A lot has happened, including the beginning of the end of the pandemic, and a paradigm shift of telemetry and instrumentation for the software company I work at. I have finally started the transition to introduce Grafana at work - and with that transition, came the upfront cost of expensive trials and tribulations. How do I make this SSL? How do I add Azure AD to Grafana? How do I reverse proxy Grafana with IIS?

  • Consistency is key, even when it makes you the party pooper

    Three attempts over the past ten years in my career as a software engineer have all led to the same conclusion: I suck at writing blog posts. Or, at the very least, I suck at consistency when it comes to blog posts. Sitting down, spamming words into a wall of text isn’t the most natural thing to come to me, which is ironic given my previous inclination of wanting to pursue journalism before I left school for university.

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